• Symptoms
    • Bone fractures that happen with very little injury
    • Muscle weakness
    • Widespread bone pain, especially in the hips

    Symptoms may also occur due to low calcium levels. These include:

    • Abnormal heart rhythms
    • Numbness around the mouth
    • Numbness of arms and legs
    • Spasms of hands or feet

    Signs and tests

    Blood tests will be done to check vitamin D, creatinine, calcium, and phosphate levels.

    A bone biopsy reveals bone softening.

    Bone x-rays and a bone density test can help detect pseudofractures, bone loss, and bone softening.

    Other tests may be done to determine if there is a kidney problem or other underlying disorder. These tests include:

    • ALP (alkaline phosphatase) isoenzyme
    • PTH