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Retinal detachment

  • Symptoms
    • Bright flashes of light, especially in peripheral vision
    • Blurred vision
    • Floaters in the eye
    • Shadow or blindness in a part of the visual field of one eye

    Signs and tests

    Tests will be done to check the retina and pupil response and your ability to see colors properly. These may include:

    • Electroretinogram (a record of the electrical currents in the retina produced by visual stimuli)
    • Fluorescein angiography
    • Intraocular pressure determination
    • Ophthalmoscopy
    • Refraction test
    • Retinal photography
    • Test to determine your ability to see colors properly (color defectiveness)
    • Visual acuity
    • Slit-lamp examination
    • Ultrasound of the eye