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Retinitis pigmentosa

  • Alternative Names



    Symptoms often first appear in childhood, but severe vision problems do not usually develop until early adulthood.

    • Decreased vision at night or in low light
    • Loss of side (peripheral) vision, causing "tunnel vision"
    • Loss of central vision (in advanced cases)

    Signs and tests

    Tests to evaluate the retina:

    • Color vision
    • Examination of the retina by ophthalmoscopy after the pupils have been dilated
    • Fluorescein angiography
    • Intraocular pressure
    • Measurement of the electrical activity in the retina (electroretinogram)
    • Pupil reflex response
    • Refraction test
    • Retinal photography
    • Side vision test (visual field test)
    • Slit lamp examination
    • Visual acuity