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  • Symptoms
    • Abnormal urine color (dark, red, or cola colored)
    • General weakness
    • Muscle stiffness or aching (myalgia)
    • Muscle tenderness
    • Weakness of the affected muscles

    Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease include the following:

    • Fatigue
    • Joint pain
    • Seizures
    • Weight gain (unintentional)

    Signs and tests

    An examination reveals tender or damaged skeletal muscles.

    • CPK is very high.
    • Serum myoglobin test is positive.
    • Serum potassium may be very high
    • Urinalysis may reveal casts and be positive for hemoglobin without evidence of red blood cells on microscopic examination.
    • Urine myoglobin test is positive.

    This disease may also alter the results of the following tests:

    • CPK isoenzymes
    • Urine creatinine
    • Serum creatinine