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Slipped capital femoral epiphysis

  • Alternative Names

    Femoral epiphysis - slipped


    Surgery to stabilize the bone with pins or screws will prevent further slippage or displacement of the ball of the hip joint. Some surgeons may suggest using pins on the unaffected hip at the same time, because many children will develop a slip in that hip as well.

    Support Groups

    Expectations (prognosis)

    The outcome is usually good with treatment. However, in rare cases, the hip joint may wear away, despite prompt diagnosis and treatment.


    This disorder is associated with a greater risk of osteoarthritis later in life. Other potential but rare complications include reduced blood flow to the hip joint and wearing away of hip joint tissue.

    Calling your health care provider

    If your child has persistent pain or other symptoms of this disorder, have the child lie down immediately and remain still until medical help is obtained.