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Syphilis - secondary

  • Alternative Names

    Secondary syphilis


    The most common symptom is a skin rash, which varies in appearance, yet frequently involves the palms and soles. Lesions called mucous patches may be seen in or on the mouth, vagina, or penis.

    Moist, warty patches may develop on the genitalia or skin folds. These are called condylomata lata.

    During secondary syphilis, additional symptoms such as fever, general ill feeling, loss of appetite, muscle aches, joint pain, enlarged lymph nodes, and hair loss may occur.

    Signs and tests
    • Serum VDRL or serum RPR (used as screening tests). If these are positive, one of the following will need to be done to confirm the diagnosis:
      • FTA-ABS
      • MHA-TP