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Tibial nerve dysfunction

  • Alternative Names

    Neuropathy - tibial nerve

    • Sensation changes on the bottom of the foot
      • Numbness, tingling, or other abnormal sensations
      • Burning sensation
      • Pain
    • Weakness of the knee or foot, difficulty with walking

    Signs and tests

    Neuromuscular examination of the legs shows tibial nerve dysfunction. There may be weakness or inability to push the foot downward (plantar flexion). Severe cases may cause wasting of the foot muscles and foot deformity.

    Tests that reveal tibial nerve dysfunction may include:

    • EMG (a recording of electrical activity in muscles)
    • Nerve conduction tests (recording of electrical activity along the nerve)
    • Nerve biopsy

    Tests are done based on the suspected cause of the dysfunction suggested by the patient's history, symptoms, and pattern of symptom development. They may include various blood tests, x-rays, scans, or other tests.