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Tinea corporis

  • Alternative Names

    Fungal infection - body; Infection - fungal - body; Tinea of the body; Tinea circinata; Ringworm - body


    Symptoms may include itching.

    The rash begins as a small area of red, raised spots and pimples. The rash slowly becomes ring-shaped, with a red-colored, raised border and a clearer center. The border may look scaly.

    The rash may occur on the arms, legs, face, or other exposed body areas.

    Signs and tests

    The health care provider can often diagnose tinea corporis by how the skin looks.

    In some cases, the following tests may be done:

    • Looking at a skin scraping of the rash under the microscope using a KOH (potassium hydroxide) test
    • Skin lesion biopsy