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Total anomalous pulmonary venous return

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    Early complete surgical repair is needed. In surgery, the pulmonary veins are connected to the left atrium and the defect between the right and left atrium is closed.

    Support Groups

    Expectations (prognosis)

    If left untreated, death may occur by age 1 in babies with more severe defects. With surgery, early repair provides excellent results if there is no blockage of the pulmonary veins at the new connection into the heart.

    • Heart failure
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Lung infections
    • Pulmonary hypertension
    • Irregular, fast heart rhythms (arrhythmias)

    Calling your health care provider

    This condition may be apparent at the time of birth. However, symptoms may not be present until later.

    Call your health care provider if you notice symptoms of TAPVR -- prompt attention is required.