• Alternative Names

    Plane juvenile warts; Periungual warts; Subungual warts; Plantar warts; Verruca; Verrucae planae juveniles; Filiform warts; Verruca vulgaris

    • Abnormally dark or light skin surrounding the lesion
    • Numerous small, smooth, flat (pinhead sized) lesions on forehead, cheeks, arms, or legs
    • Rough growths around or under fingernails or toenails
    • Rough, round, or oval lesions on soles of feet -- flat to slightly raised -- painful to pressure
    • Small, hard, flat or raised skin lesion or lump

    Signs and tests

    Warts can generally be diagnosed simply by their location and appearance. Your doctor may want to cut into a wart (called a biopsy) to confirm that it is not a corn, callus, skin cancer, or other similar-appearing growth.