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Williams syndrome

  • Alternative Names

    Williams-Beuren syndrome


    There is no cure for Williams syndrome. Avoid taking extra calcium and vitamin D. Treat high levels of blood calcium, if present. Blood vessel narrowing can be a significant health problem and is treated based on its severity.

    Physical therapy is helpful to patients with joint stiffness. Developmental and speech therapy can also help these children (for example, verbal strengths can help make up for other weaknesses). Other treatments are based on a patient's symptoms.

    It can help to have treatment coordinated by a geneticist who is experienced with Williams syndrome.

    Support Groups

    Williams Syndrome Foundation -- www.wsf.org

    Williams Syndrome Association -- www.williams-syndrome.org

    Expectations (prognosis)

    About 75% of those with Williams syndrome have some mental retardation.

    Most patients will not live as long as normal, due to complications.

    Most patients require full-time caregivers and often live in supervised group homes.

    • Calcium deposits in the kidney and other kidney problems
    • Death (in rare cases from anesthesia)
    • Heart failure due to narrowed blood vessels
    • Pain in the abdomen

    Calling your health care provider

    Many of the symptoms and signs of Williams syndrome may not be obvious at birth. Call your health care provider if your child has features similar to those of Williams syndrome. Seek genetic counseling if you have a family history of Williams syndrome.