Regular Sex Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

Jerry Kennard Health Pro
  • Regular sex is considered beneficial for a number of reasons. Recent research in men between the ages of 55-75 years who have intercourse less than once per week, are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction. These findings, reported in the July 2008 issue of The American Journal of Medicine, also indicate that the less frequently men have sex the more likely are the chances of erectile dysfunction.


    Dr Juha Koskimäki, the study author, stated that regular sex should be something that clinicians actively support in their patients. Not only does regular sex help to prevent erectile dysfunction it may also have an influence on general health and quality of life, Koskimäki said.

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    Dr Laura Berman is a sex educator, researcher and therapist. Dr Berman sees an association between a healthy body and a healthy sex life. This simple principle involves the sex lives of men and women as one affects the other.


    Starting with the bedroom, Berman recommends getting rid of the television. Not only is the TV a distraction, studies have shown that the blue light from your set can disrupt sleep patterns and restfulness throughout the entire night.


    Nutrition next. Stodgy food, fast food and poor general nutrition will help to pile on the pounds and make you feel sluggish, lacking in energy and motivation. If one of you feels this way its bad enough, but if you both feel the same, sex is likely to be off the agenda. Dr Berman points out that as women age and reach menopause, estrogen levels change and this causes insulin levels to rise and thyroid levels to go down. Women eat more food, burn fewer calories and can put weight on.


    Stress leads to an increase in cortisol levels within the body. Berman describes cortisol as, "a known libido killer". Stress reduction techniques can help reduce stress and therefore cortisol levels. By reducing stress we reduce blood pressure and our quality of life, including our sex life, improves greatly.


    Insomnia is something of a modern day plague. Lifestyles, work shift patterns, long days, juggling time and responsibilities, all accumulate and can easily disrupt sleep. In situations like this it is hardly surprising that when people do finally get time to themselves sex is often way down their list of priorities. There are some really great tips available to help people with insomnia. And remember, sex doesn't just have to happen between the sheets at night!

Published On: July 07, 2008