Good News Ahead for Erectile Dysfunction Patients

David Knowles, M.D. Health Pro
  • There is some more great news for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) patients out of the American Urologic Association’s yearly meeting in Atlanta. There was some brief data presented on two new oral drugs being tested for the treatment of ED. The two medications are related to the other three which are approved for use in ED but have some advantageous new characteristics. These new drugs are called avanafil and SLX-2101. They are both only in stage II testing but they show some very promising results.

    Avanafil studies have concentrated on the rapid onset of action of the drug. The early trials have shown that the medication is effective as early as 30 minutes after the medication is taken. It is also absorbed well even on a full stomach which is important for spontaneity. It was tested in nearly 300 patients at varying dosages. In the trials 60.1% of the patients tested were able to achieve vaginal penetration with placebo where 83.7% of the patients taking the highest dose of avanafil studied were able to achieve vaginal penetration. With placebo 53.9% of the patients were able to maintain an erection long enough for ejaculation where as 64.3% of patients taking avanafil were able to maintain their erections long enough for ejaculation. The investigators of this drug are also excited about its very short half life. Avanafil’s half life is only 90 minutes so most of the drug is inactivated within 4 hours. This will be beneficial in patients who have definite periods in which they want to have intercourse but don’t want the active drug in them for a long period of time, like airline pilots. They are not able to fly within 6 hours of having taken Viagra. Hopefully with this short acting drug they will be able to fly much sooner after having taken their medication. The side effects of this medication seem to be very similar to Viagra with headache and dizziness topping the list with 25% getting headaches and 20% became dizzy.
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    SLX-2101 also has some unique and advantageous properties. It is also fast acting like avanafil and should be effective in approximately 30 minutes after taking the medication. However, the best characteristic is its long half life. SLX-2101’s half life is long enough that during the trials its efficacy is being tested as far out as 48 hours after taking the medication. The closest current competitor is tadalafil (Cilais) which has been tested and proven effective 36 hours after dosing. SLX-2101 will be useful in patients who’s sexual activity is less structured. The developers are hoping that patients will take this medication on a regular basis and keep drug levels high enough at all times so that erections can be obtained at any time. This allows the patient to be more spontaneous about when and where erections are attempted.
    Unfortunately these two drugs have a while before they will be able to be used by the general public. However this does demonstrate the active research in the field of sexual dysfunction and our never ending search for better treatments for this disease.
Published On: July 27, 2006