I am 29 years old and celibate. I was referred to a urologist fo

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  • I am 29 years old and celibate. I was referred to a urologist for mild pain in my left testicle I have sometimes. He checked me and after the sperm test said that I have Varicocele and should have surgical treatment. For assurance I met two other urologists and they said: “You do not have any problem in fertilizing after marriage and you do not have Varicocele”
    I wonder if you help to consult me. Do I have any problem or not? And what should I do for my premature Ejaculation? Is masturbation harmful for me? What is your opinion about using Fluoxetine 20m and Aphrodite herbal drop?

    Without an examination, I am unable to comment about the presence of absence of a varicocele. Varicocele are varicosities (dilated veins of the spermatic cord) that are the number one cause of correctable male infertility. A scrotal sonogram would be very helpful to confirm the presence or the absence of the varicocele.
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    Varicoceles are commonly associated with low sperm counts as well as a decrease in motility. The fact that 70% of the sperm have no motility is rather concerning. However, the 120M sperm count is a normal count.

    I recommend a repeat semen analysis after 3 days of abstinence which should be performed by a lab that specializes in infertility, rather than using the large national laboratories. I have found that the processing of specimens in these large labs can often be delayed, potentially leading to false motility readings.

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Published On: October 10, 2006