What if I have a penile implant, and it has to be removed?

Jay Motola Health Pro
  • I'm a 65 year old healthy male. I have been on Viagra. It didn't work. I am now on injection therapy. It works sometimes. I have a vacuum pump to go along with the injection therapy, and sometimes I have good results. The question I have asked myself for the past 7 years is basic to sexual life. What if I have a penile implant, and it has to be removed? Once the tissue in the erection chamber of the penis is destroyed, the organ is useless for sexual intercourse. Where does the patient go from there?

    When a patient commits to the implantation of a penile prosthesis, he should consider this as a long-term commitment to obtaining an erection with the use of this prosthesis.
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    After a prosthesis is removed, the patient and surgeon should remain committed to replacing a prosthesis as soon as possible. Of course, if the prosthesis is removed for infection, there will be a period of time until the infection has been completely treated before another implant can be performed.

    However if the implant is removed for malfunction, a new device can be immediately implanted. After the implant has been performed, the tissue within the erectile bodies will not be function should the implant ultimately be removed. There is scarring of the erectile bodies that would occur, after an implant is removed, and the penis does feel harder, however this fibrosis is not going to be satisfactory for penetration.

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Published On: January 05, 2007