What is Causing my ED?

Jay Motola Health Pro
  • Hi, I’m a 19 year old and can’t get an erection during sex; it’s been a problem for the past year. I smoke both cigarettes and marijuana, cigarettes for roughly 6 years and marijuana 4. Because I can’t get erect, sexual relationships are brief and so I often have to resort to masturbation. I was wondering if perhaps too much masturbation could be a cause (I do it about 3-4 times a week, sometimes more) and if its anxiety, how to relax myself so I’m not so nervous. Please help, so many of my friends are sexually active, I feel handicapped.

    If continued long term, cigarette smoking can potentially have an adverse effect on your ability to obtain an erection. Cigarette smoking causes a vasoconstriction of the microvasculature which prevents blood flow from reaching the smallest blood vessels within the penis that are required for erection. Recreational drug usage has also been reported to have an adverse effect on the ability to obtain a natural erection. However, if one is able to obtain an erection with masturbation, there may be a psychogenic aspect to the dysfunction. Anxiety about being with a partner can often contribute to the problem. Excessive masturbation would not lead to erectile dysfunction. Cessation of cigarette and marijuana usage, as well as a session with a clinical psychologist may be beneficial.
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Published On: February 20, 2007