What are the effects of taking tadalafil in a person without erectile dysfunction?

Jay Motola Health Pro
  • The real question here is why someone without ED would wantto take the drug to begin with. I am not sure if what you are really trying toask is if patients without organic erectile dysfunction were to take the drugthan what the effect would be. Thereactually is a group of patients who take a similar drug for a disease processother than ED, namely pulmonary hypertension without untoward side effects. In patients without ED, there really shouldnot be any negative side effects of taking the drug other than the samewarnings that would apply to those using the drug who do have ED. These side effects potentially include ocularside effects (visual changes, permanent blindness), facial flushing,contraindications with concomitant nitrate usage, and prolonged erection.

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Published On: April 09, 2007