Sex is Apparently Not "Medically Necessary"

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    Just how important is sex to you?  Pretty important I would think....and hope!! Well, make sure you're not planning to move to Nebraska anytime soon.  Why not?? Because apparently in Nebraska, sex is not a medically necessary.  Say what?  You heard right - if you are a man, and have a medical condition that causes erectile dysfunction, and the only treatment that will work for you is a penile implant - it may not happen.  That's because Nebraska state officials are proposing that the state Medicaid rules be changed so that Medicaid no longer covers penile implants.  Apparently Medicaid reimbursements for erectile dysfunction medications were discontinued in 2006.  So Nebraska officials are strongly considering not paying for procedures that similarly help to treat ED.

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    A Nebraska state official stated that Medicaid is meant to pay for medical necessities of the needy; sex "is not medically necessary."  Say what?? Poor people don't suffer enough already?  We are now going to refuse to help them enjoy a vital part of any meaningful, long term intimate relationship?  Furthermore, we know that in many cases, ED results from surgical treatment of prostate cancer.  So the patient suffers through the trauma of being told they have cancer, then being operated on knowing the risk of losing penile function.  And now, if they are considered financially poor, and covered by Medicaid, they will be denied a surgery (penile implant) that by today's standards is relatively inexpensive - that is, if they live in Nebraska. 


    I hate to be gender specific - but if a woman has a mastectomy - because of breast cancer - she IS covered for breast reconstruction - and rightfully so.  So how can Nebraska deny men insurance coverage for what I consider to be a male counterpoint surgery.  I realize in this day and age that healthcare is under attack with state and Federal governments struggling to meet rising costs.  But to consider sex "not medically necessary??" A travesty at best... a reason to consider moving from Nebraska at worst.  Finally, it is not in Nebraska men's best interest that the state official handling this Medicaid matter is....a woman.


    What do you think??

Published On: June 20, 2008