A Man Will work on Cardiac Risk Factors If You.....Talk Sex

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    Trust me, you don't quite know where I'm going with this yet.  When I do lifestyle counseling, trying to help a client reduce diseases he may be struggling with like heart disease and diabetes OR I'm simply trying to reduce risk factors for disease in a male individual, I often invoke a discussion about sex...specifically sexual performance.  Nothing gets a guy's attention like that discussion.


    So I'll usually bring up the fact that if we are trying to work on diet and exercise because there's a risk for heart disease - maybe there is evidence of clogged coronary arteries....maybe there's evidence of elevated total cholesterol and specifically LDL...maybe there's diabetes and heart disease at the same time...invariably I will mention that the same lifestyle choices that are "clogging the arteries of the heart" can also clog the arteries of the genitalia.  With a candid conversation I will invariably ask how the sex life is going.  More often than not a man who is struggling with ongoing heart disease or diabetes or even just very poor lifestyle choices (poor nutrition - zero exercise) will confess that he is struggling with mild - moderate - severe ED. 

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    Well a new study now reveals that there is indeed a strong association between ED and atherosclerosis.  The study goes so far as to suggest that doctors need to start using ED as a wake up call to for heart disease assessment in a patient and to consider ED a risk factor for heart disease that needs to be modified.  I have to admit - I didn't need this test to tell me what was a logical step in a man's health care and lifestyle counseling.  Eating a diet that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (fish), low in saturated and trans fat (go easy on red meat, choose the leanest cuts, eating beans, skinless white meat, soy products), going low fat or fat free in the dairy product aisle, choosing superstar bread-like carbohydrates (whole grains/high fiber) and eating lots of fruits and veggies as well as eating small amounts of healthy fats (mono-unsaturated) can help to reduce cardiac disease, open up all of those clogged arteries - wherever they are -  and allow for a healthier sex life.  Getting in daily exercise can also be a "one-two punch" that promotes patent arteries and better sexual health.


    What are you guys waiting for????? ED may just go by-by, along with heart disease if you adopt a healthy lifestyle!! Check out the diet and fitness connection for some great ideas.

Published On: June 28, 2008