And the Latest Viagra Is......A Summer Fruit We Love!!

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  • With fourth of July coming up and watermelons typically landing on every picnic table from NY to LA, how delightful to find out that this juicy fruit has ingredients that "deliver viagra-like effects to blood vessels."  This popular summer fruit may even increase libido.  The specific phytonutrients (naturally occuring compounds) in watermelon seem to be able to relax blood vessels, a reaction that occurs when a man takes viagra.


    When a man eats watermelon, citruline is converted to arginineArginine boost nitric acid, which relaxes blood vessels - specifically those that transport blood to the penis.  We've known from other studies that eating watermelon can contribute benefits that help your heart, immune system and it may even help to fight obesity and diabetes type 2.  Remember that watermelon is packed with water content (92%) so it hydrates and fills you up.

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    The plus here is that eating watermelon will have less side effects than some of the drugs men need to take for erectile dysfunction.  And if the dysfunction is due to impaired blood flow - watermelon consumption just might be a safe and enjoyable option. Another bonus?? Lycopene which helps prostate, heart and skin health.  But in order to absorb the lycopene - you do need a bit of healthy fat.  So enjoy some avocado on your salad followed by a delicious piece of watermelon!! 


    Finally - store watermelons uncut at room temperature to preserve its nutrients - especially the lycopene - and then refrigerate once it's cut.   Happy 4th of July!!

Published On: July 02, 2008