Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple pie and Prostate Screening???

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  • Minor league baseball parks across the nation have decided that the baseball field is a great place to offer....prostate cancer screening tests.  Why?? Well, think about it - a place where many men of various ages gather to hang out.  Where better to corner them and offer a health screening test that many of them may ignore?  In fact, I jokingly said to my husband years ago that women might actually accompany more of their men to the ballpark if the owners got smart and offered manicures and pedicures,....or a diamond concession, why not prostate cancer screening tests?? 

    Tonight in Charleston, S.C., men will have the opportunity to undergo a PSA screening test to measure their PSA levels.  Ed Randall, a baseball broadcaster, who survived prostate cancer spearheaded this campaign, called the Ed Randall's Bat for the Cure charity.  Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park is the location of this particular screening event, though 70 other teams have committed to also having the screenings done at their baseball fields.  For more info check out  

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Published On: July 30, 2008