Males Do Want A New Kind of Control - And We Want Them To Have It

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  • I use a diaphragm and yes it has religiously worked for me because I have religiously worked it!!  If I even suspect that my husband and I may get it on - it goes in...period.  And it's not a big deal but it's one of life's annoying "things I gotta do" so that I avoid a pregnancy that would be ill-timed.  Could we have used a condom? Sure, but somehow my husband found it even more of an annoyance and it occasionally broke or we worried about a defect..yada yada.  I wasn't in favor of using any hormone-based birth control and they have ended up being a really good decision because my mom subsequently developed breast cancer.  Would we have wanted other alternatives???Absolutely.  Would I have liked to shift the burden to my guy? Yup.   And apparently men and women want more male birth control options, so what's the delay??

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    The excuse to explain why initial effervescent enthusiasm on the part of several pharmaceutical companies went south seems to be "money."  The companies claim that their sense of the need and desire for male hormonal birth control among the male population at large - was pretty low.  So why invest millions of dollars if you are not going to be able to recover it ?  Frankly, polls seem to dispute their "sense of what men want."  In a 2005 global survey conducted by Schering involving 9000 men  ages 18 to 50, 55% expressed an interest in new fertility control options; 40% of American respondents who said that they were interested, further indicated that they would be willing to use an implant or receive regular injections to control fertility.


    So it's clear that enough men would certainly be interested in this option, thus re-filling the coffers of the companies that took the gamble.  It seems that these companies are simply assuming men don't want it and women don't trust them to be reliable - so they've deferred to the easy way out - don't develop if you're not convinced seems to be the motto.  Research does show that the right combo of testosterone/progestin would supress sperm and it could be delivered by injections - creams - implants.  The options would be reversible as well.  But studies do also show that about 10-15% of men don't respond predicatably and therefore might impregnate women even while on these regimens.  And another stumbling block with efficacy is that women's birth control is blocking one egg - with men we are trying to block millions of viable sperm.


    For right now if you're a guy and you are responsible for the birth control method - it's basically condom as your unique option.  In another 5-10 years - who knows??  I think we need to start a website, - anyone out there game???

Published On: August 05, 2008