ED and Prostate Cancer:The Connection

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  • You get a diagnosis of prostate cancer and you become part of a group of men diagnosed wih the leading male malignancy in America.  This year 60,000 men will die of this disease, so early detection with PSA screening and a yearly physical exam that includes digital examination of your prostate can be life-saving.  But to get a diagnosis of prostate cancer means you may have to choose a treatment (surgery, cryotherapy, radiation) that may lead to the inevitability of incontinence, ED or both.  What's a guy to do - faced with these choices?


    Well, the newer modifications of the radical prostatectomy offers nerve-sparing techniques that can ensure full function in many cases.  Also, PDE 5 inhibitors can help to improve erectile function post surgery and doctors now know that there are also prophylaxis techniques using injections of vasoactive injections (or PDE 5) that might help to preserve the contractile function of the smooth muscle that allows a healthy sustainable erection.

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    This seems to be an important enough quality of life issue for research to continue to study possible ways to treat prostate cancer effectively without compromising a man's ability to have an erection.

Published On: August 07, 2008