ED as You Age: Know the Causes

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  • I have mentioned in the past that sexual dysfunction is not an inevitable part of aging.  Yahoo!!  That being said - there are some issues that seem to be connected with "living long" or "life experiences we may have as we age" that can indeed contribute to sexual dysfunction.  As since this happens as we age ....we began to associate sexual dysfunction with aging.


    So what factors am I talking about?  Well certainly physical and mental health - which can both deteriorate if we don't take care of ourselves as we age;  also lifetime experiences, and i'll get to those in a moment.  Finally, demographics can also play a part in contributing to sexual dysfunction as we age.  A recent study by the National Institute of Health revealed the following:

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    Men are 5 times more likely to report sex as "unpleasurable' if they have had an STD in the past.  The most common problem for men is erectile dysfunction (with different causes).  Mental health issues and and relationship problems seem to crop up as men age, and do contribute to sexual dysfunction.  Interestingly enough, alcohol did not seem to have an impact sexual dysfunction (though obviously if there is long term chronic and excessive use - it would).  Among black men, there seemed to be a report of lack of interest in sex and climaxing too early as they aged.


    So the key is to recognize what's actually going on - which may have nothing to do with specifically aging- but rather with issues that crop up simply because life and time is passing.  Working on these issues rather than just assuming that "aging is the cause" could mean lots more years of sexual activity and pleasure.

Published On: August 13, 2008