What New Research Tells Us About ED

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    Take away the clear possible causes of ED:

    • Age
    • Health Issues
    • Smoking
    • Obesity


    And researchers noted recently that there seems to be a correlation between ED prevalence and racial and economic disparities among men.  A "first observation" is that specifically African-American men and Hispanic men had a significantly higher rate of ED when all different minority groups were observed.  Secondly, ED was 50% higher in men who earned less than $20,000/yr compared to men who earned $100,000/yr.  Researchers, with a smile, declared that "we need to tell men to stop smoking, lose weight and earn more than $100,000/yr." 

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    Kidding aside, the risk factors that causally relate to ED that one can control include: smoking, weight, and if health issues like diabetes or heart disease are present - tighter control with frequent doctor visits, taking your medications, and losing weight.   Realizing that many of the causes of ED are within your control can help remove the emotional component you may be feeling - it's not always in your head - it's actually in your health profile much of the time - and you can do something about it.



Published On: August 18, 2008