Are You Trusting the Internet…to Help You With ED??

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  • OK, far be it from me to try and even imagine what it feels like to desperately want to enjoy an intimate and pleasurable night with my gal - only to have the ultimate moment of pleasure marred by a .....malfunction.  I know what it is occasionally like to offer comfort and support but beyond that I can't claim to have been through a similar experience.  Not having an orgasm is not like having ED.  I also know guys do not want to have to talk about this or go get examined for this or go be treated for this - but online internet shoppers - beware.


    Yes the internet experience offers privacy and variety and options from around the world, but the idea of buying prescription grade drugs without first being examined and having a professional's opinion may not be safe or smart.  And for a condition like ED, which can make a guy unwilling to go the traditional route - it may be a good way to burn bucks without getting reliable and safe therapy.  There are some sites that do offer a professional online discussion with a doctor and then his decision and possible recommendations for therapy, along with additional patient education.  Those sites may be a reasonable and even positive alternative to inpatient visits for some conditions.

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    Researchers selected 1000 men's charts to look at how e-medicine compared to traditional medicine for this condition (ED).  E-medicine seemed to excel in the area of patient education with 75% of men getting excellent information - even a tailored e-mail to  provide product information, while in the traditional setting only 51% of patients seemed to get any specific product information. So from this perspective the internet seems to be a positive therapeutic option. 


    My own personal reflection is that I see so many sites with impossible promises or claims that you have to wade through carefully.  Or sites that will give you prescription grade drugs without a doctor consultation.  I'd like to think that even under these challenging moments when patients are so desperate to relieve a really unpleasant condition like ED - your smarts and your medical savvy would prevail.  


Published On: August 20, 2008