Prostate surgery and erectile dysfunction in younger men

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  • One of the most consequences of prostate surgery is erectile dysfunction.  So it is a bit alarming that advanced stage (IV) prostate cancer is being diagnosed in younger men (60 and younger).  That is apparently the bad news....the good news is that these patients are living longer.  But even though they are living longer, they are also facing rather serious physical and psychological side effects from these treatments that are extending their lives. 

    Some of the suspected reasons for better survival rates for these younger men include:


    Better chemotherapy

    Better surgery

    Better radiation

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    While survival rates for younger victims of stage IV prostate cancer has improved, the same cannot be said for older patients.  For men ages 71-80, 5-year survival rate holds at 48%, while for men over 80, 5 year survival rate has actually decreased (40% in 1998 to 24% 2001). 


    Since about 7% of all prostate cancers diagnoses involve late stage cancer, health experts want to raise more public awareness about the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer so that the best possible outcome can occur from early detection and treatment.


    An informed patient is a wise patient!!




Published On: September 02, 2008