So - You Pushing 40?? There Goes Your Testosterone and Here Comes….

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  • Here's the tale of men, who may not face hot flashes and vaginal dryness and other issues related to declining hormone levels, but who may face changes related to libido, some muscle mass loss and bone loss and possibly erectile dysfunction - all due to diminishing testosterone levels.


    If you suspect that you may be suffering from the side effects of diminishing levels of testosterone, then you can ask you doctor for a series of blood tests to check your hormone levels.   A recent study looked at the data of 1486 men and noted that 97 of them appeared to have androgen deficiencies.  Of those, 88% were NOT receiving testosterone.  Experts think this data reflects the ongoing reality that many men won't complain to their doctor so their symptoms go undetected and untreated.

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    If you notice:

    • A change in libido
    • A change in sexual function
    • Loss of body hair


    See a doctor who may decide to do a blood testosterone level test and if the result is below 300ng/dl, then you may be prescribed timed-release testosterone patches or gel.  Discuss with your doctor the pros and cons (possible increase risk for prostate cancer) of testosterone replacement therapy.


Published On: September 14, 2008