What's at the Root of Your ED?

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  • Here's a rundown of medical conditions that could have "ED" as a connected "buddy" issue:


    Vascular disease - when you have hardening and tapering of the arteries, often due to plaque and cholesterol issues or inflammation - you can end up with insufficient erections (or women can end up with inadequate lubrication). 


    Diabetes - invariably this disease brings along the complications of nerve damage, vascular disease and compromise.  Men typically have erectile or ejaculatory problems while women may have decreased arousal, difficulty achieving orgasms.


    Depression - Sexual arousal begins in the brain, so if there are chemicals or neurotransmitters out of balance, then sexual dysfunction may follow.  Sometimes the treatment of depression also causes low libido, decreased desire or the inability to achieve an orgasm.

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    Medication side effects - If you live a poor lifestyle and suffer with a gamut of illnesses, those medications you take to save your life may be squashing your sex life.  High blood pressure medications are notorious for causing ED problems.


    Multiple sclerosis - this disease of the central nervou system is a known sex buster.  Unsatisfactory erections, poor arousal are some of the complaints and Parkinson's disease can cause similar complaints. 


    Thyroid disease - and we're including over-active and under-active thyroid both of which can cause erectile and ejaculatory problems.


    Sleep apnea - can be a killer disease, but it can also be a risk factor for sexual dysfunction in men, causing erectile and libido problems.


    So what's a guy to do?? If you have ED you should find out the underlying cause.  So often, a medical diagnosis is the problem and treating the condition can save your life, and help your sex life!!

Published On: September 19, 2008