Cholesterol Alert: Prostate At Risk is the New Message

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  • You've got to know that having a high cholesterol is bad for the heart...very,very bad for the heart.  It can also help to precipitate a stroke, or what is now being called a "brain attack."  I've written repeatedly about cholesterol levels, and artery clogging plaque and the danger to your arterial system - specifically the arteries that feed male and female genitalia.  Well now comes word that cholesterol may be equally bad for your prostate.


    Two separate studies point to a link between elevated levels of cholesterol and a higher level of PSA (a strong indicator for prostate cancer).  One study showed that the same statins that lowered cholesterol levels, and heart attack risk, also seemed to help lower PSA levels.  Another study noted that if a man's cholesterol level remained high after a prostatectomy (for cancer treatment), he was more than 2.5 times likely to "relapse and have a biomedical recurrence."

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    What researchers want men to realize, as they continue to study this association be tween cholesterol, PSA and developing prostate cancer, is that being "heart healthy" can can help men to be prostate healthy as well.


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Published On: October 02, 2008