Are You Wondering How Doctors Assess ED?

healthgal Health Pro
  • If you present to your doctor with a complaint of erectile dysfunction, he will more than likely ask you a series of questions:


    - Was the onset of ED sudden or gradual?

    - Have you yourself tried to treat it?  If so, how?

    - Have you tried over-the-counter meds? Prescriptions off the internet? Herbal preperations?

    - Do you have any other major medical illnesses (heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol problems, neurological disorders, etc.)?

    - Is there any pain associated with the ED? Any history of trauma?

    - Are you under stress at work? socially? sexually?


    Your doctor will assess these answers.  He will then examine you and probably include:

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    - height, weight, BMI, waist measurement, blood pressure

    - Palpate your thyroid, listen to your lungs, listen to your heart

    - Examine your abdomen

    - Examine your genitalia, penis

    - Perform a rectal digital exam


    Based on his findings he may offer you viagra or another similar medication to try.  He may ask you to work on lifestyle issues or get better control of any diseases you have.  If it is stress related , he may ask you to work on those issues, consider therapy and you may need to work on relationship issues if those seem to be contributing to the dysfunction.

Published On: October 05, 2008