Testicular Cells Are Good For......

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  • Human embryo cells, move aside.  Testicular cells...here we come.

    Cells taken from men's testes seemed to be as versatile as stem cells derived from embryos.  These new teste-derived stem cells could feature prominently in personalized replacement tissue BUT this promising possibility would only be applicable to......men.


    Embryonic stem cells can give rise to any tissue in the body.  But, there is the ethical discussion.  Testicular cells avoid the ethical argument and seem to be able to provide amazing results as reprogrammed cells.  Though there are still technical difficulties with these cells, they may provide an opportunity to take the pressure off the debate of embryonic stem cells. 

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    Though many in the science community are encouraged by these findings they still feel that embryonic stem cell research cannot be dismissed.  this would be a huge step forward in options that allow us to get stem cell benefits - at least in some instances - without the controversy.

Published On: October 14, 2008