Is My ED Connected to My Heart Health?

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  • Yes....Yes...Yes... should be the answer BUT many doctors are ignoring the importance of recognizing this connection and sharing it with the patient, according to one health expert.  According to Dr. Geoffrey Hackett from Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham (UK), patients show up at a doctor and bravely share their suffering with erectile dysfunction, hoping for a cure, and the doctor misses the fact that ED can be a serious warning sign for heart disease.  Often times, there is even a big window of time - as much as 2-3 years - before the heart disease expresses true, recognizable symptoms.  during that window of time, there is ample time to lower the risk of a heart attack, or stroke with treatment - but alas, it is often missed.

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    The expert feels that ED is still compartmentalized as a "recreational or lifestyle issue" rather than a true medical event with serious health connections and implications.  Dr. Hackett finds it amazing that though the UK government has pledged to lower the death rate associated with heart disease and stroke - they have not implemented an ED screening process, especially in diabetic patients, whose ED + diabetes can signal an imminent heart event.


    So maybe you, the patient need to bring it up.  Something like, "hey doc - I am having a little trouble with erections and while you are checking me out, can you see how my ticker is working?"  That should do it!!

Published On: October 23, 2008