Not Just For Jet Lag

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  • While researching and writing about jet lag, I came across a newly studied treatment, Pycnogenol.  Apparently this supplement may have a host of possible target conditions that it can help with including ED.  In fact, researchers have studied its use in combination with L-arginine and came to the initial conclusion that it might have efficacy for some men though "further research is needed."  Other possible benefits may be:

    • Improving sperm quality and function in sub-fertile men.
    • Reducing LDL/increasing HDL
    • Decreasing systolic (upper number) in blood pressure
    • Reducing cramping in serious athletes
    • Helping in asthma treatment
    • When combined with vitamins E and C - help migraine sufferers
    • Reduce the inflammation of a sunburn
    • Help with DVTs, SVTs and leg edema
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Help with menstrual cramping.


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    As with all supplements - check with your doctor AND always buy supplements from a reputable pharmacy or health food store.





Published On: November 06, 2008