News on Testicular Cancer and Risk for Prostate Cancer

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  • Two news bulletins that hit the health news scene:


    (1) Chemotherapy may be a new and viable treatment option for Testicular Seminoma - The testes are the male gonads and they are located within the scrotum.  They typically descend by the age of one and if they don't, that can be one risk factor for testicular cancer.  Whatever the cause, typically when testicular cancer hits, the number one treatment is radiation therapy, which can have significant side effects, both immediately and down the road.  Now researchers have found that cisplatin-based chemotherapy as a treatment in early stage seminoma had a very favorable outcome (83% complete response, 17% partial response) in 18 patients with stage IIA disease and 54 patients with stage IIB disease.  Total overall survival rate after treatment was 90%.  Researchers were thrilled with the outcome and offer that the chemotherapy treatment approach was an excellent alternative to the radiation therapy.

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    (2) Agent orange exposure has been linked to a "doubled risk" of prostate cancer - A study of Viet Nam war vets shows that their exposure to agent orange may now be implicated in an increased risk of prostate cancer, and a more aggressive and/or earlier onset of prostate cancer.  so experts are now asking that these men be classified as "high risk" when it comes to prostate cancer statistics.  The conclusion came after researchers noticed that Vietnam War vets entering their 60s had a significantly higher incidence of prostate cancer. 


    So this news is a shout out of sorts to any veterans who were in the Viet Nam war and even suspect they were exposed to agent orange contamination.  Talk to your doctor and make him aware of your history and get a baseline exam and/or more frequent examinations of your prostate if he concurs.

Published On: November 11, 2008