Got ED? Maybe Move to Mexico City and Other Tips

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  • Here are a couple of valuable news bulletins and some news that may put a small smile on your face:


    (1) I recently wrote a blog about young breast cancer victims and their struggles with sexual desire after treatment.  Well, young men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer - and in young men it is typically aggressive - invariably suffer with ED after surgery.  For some it is temporary while for others, it may be a long-lasting permanent condition.  Experts feel there is a growing need for  "sexual rehabilitation" since most young men are ill-prepared for the emotional downside and impact.  Experts feel that sexual rehabilitation should become an evolving and clinical branch of sexual medicine and urology.  At the core of the rehabilitation, there should be treatments that help both men and their partners to deal with ED in a physical and psychological way.

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    (2) A European patent has been granted to Diamyd Medical for the use of "nerve growth factors" for the treatmemt of ED or impotence.  This nerve growth factor may have great treatment possibilities in cases where actual nerve damage is the cause of ED.  And in fact, after prostatectomy, when ED occurs due to the damage of the nerves, a single prophylactic dose of the nerve growth factor delivered with a new NTDDS (nerve targeting drug delivery system), might prevent the ED that typically occurs.  A subsidiary of Diamyd Medical develops products based on the NTDDS platform.  I'm sure we'll see more advancements in this technology and more mainstream use after clinical trials.


    And finally, (3) The Mayor of Mexico City has decided to distribute Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, starting December 1st, at three distributing centers that specialize in sexual health for seniors.  It will be offered free of charge to seniors over age 70 because the Mayor feels that, "sexuality has a lot to do with quality of life and out happiness."  About 112,000 men 70 or older live in the Federal District.


Published On: November 18, 2008