Three ED Bulletins

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  • Here's the scoop on three ED news bulletins:


    (1) We normally associate circumcision as a decision made at the time of a male birth.  Adult circumcision has become a recommended element in HIV prevention, in high - risk heterosexual populations.  The benefits of circumcision include reduced rates of urinary tract infections, penile cancers, and reduced rates of cervical cancer and chlamydia in female partners.  There have been concerns that adult circumcision could impair sexual function.


    A news study shows that in already sexually active male adults, circumcision does not lead to sexual difficulties.  Actually in a study of 2684 men in Kenya, 99% reported greater penile sensitivity and easier use of condoms.  There was also no difference in rates of ED, inability to ejaculate, pain during intercourse and lack of pleasure during intercourse when compared to uncircumcised males.  Circumcised males actually had progressively higher rates of sexual satisfaction over time.

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    (2) Pfizer has withdrawn its application to switch 50 mg Viagra from prescription only to non-prescription in Europe.  Though Pfizer believes that the drug meets the criteria necessary to qualify for a "prescription to non-prescription" status  - it realized that there were some concerns regarding instructions and safety.  Pfizer will probably re-submit, since the company does feel there is merit in offering Viagra without a prescription to the "millions of men in Europe circumventing the healthcare system when seeking ED treatment and exposing themselves to danger."  


    (3) Are their safe herbal supplements that can help with

    ED?  In some small trials, DHEA, ginseng, propionyl-L-carnitine - seemed to offer modest benefits.  Results were considered intriguing, but not conclusive.  As far as yohimbe - it can be dangerous if used in excessive amounts.  Side effects can include high blood pressure and heart failure.   

Published On: November 20, 2008