We Forgot to Celebrate Viagra's Tenth Birthday

healthgal Health Pro
  • Yes, a decade has passed since that miracle pill hit the market and forever changed the landscape of Erectile Dysfunction.  In case you're unaware, this drug was intended to be another anti-hypertensive drug in an arsenal of drugs.  But it also demonstrated a very unique side effect - penile erections.  Pfizer sought and received the FDA's approval to market the drug for ED and the rest is history - including two other drugs Cialis and Levitra, which have joined Viagra as treatments for ED.


    The pluses of this drug?  It helped men "come out of the closet" in a sense, to discuss and seek treatment for a condition that had long been regarded as an embarrassment and inevitable.  It allowed clinicians to grasp the fact that many, many more men were suffering from ED than they could possibly conceive of. 

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    The downside?  Too many men who don't need it, seek it out.  Too often it is dispensed without a serious health evaluation and assessment for treatable conditions causing the ED.  It does have some significant negative sde effects if used in individuals who take nitroglycerine, who have major kidney or liver disease, who recently had a heart attack or stroke.  Side effects can include - flushing, headaches, prolonged erection, sudden hearing or vision loss, heart attack, stroke.


    I should also mention that many women who had become accustomed to minimal to zero sexaul activity (mostly older women) were not enthused to hear about theis drug when it first came out.  We are now finding that women themselves may be under-diagnosed with sexual dysfunction.  I know many women who hope for a similar "miracle pill" to come a calling!!

Published On: December 02, 2008