Science Confirms Erectile Dysfunction's Link to Sleep Apnea

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  • I've written before about the connection that ED can have to a variety of health issues.  We know that if you have a high cholesterol and plaque in the arteries leading to your heart, then you probably find plaque in the arteries of your genitalia and therefore suffer ED.   New research seems to clearly show a correlation between ED and SBD or sleep disordered breathing.  SBD may cause hypoxia (lack of oxygenation) and this may in turn cause ED.


    Why so important? Well, ED can be incredibly resistant to treatment unless the etiology of the ED is understood. And unless a urologist, who typically is the specialist treating Ed, knows to ask about SBD, it may be missed.  Researchers who have correlated the two conditions want doctors and urologist to begin to "think out of the box" and ask deeply probing questions about health issues that may have a connection to ED.  Diagnosing and treating SBD may help to solve some cases of ED.

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    If you suffer from ED and suspect that you have sleep disordered breathing, talk to a doctor about screening tests and treatment.

Published On: January 04, 2008