Alternative Cures for Urologic Problems

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  • For many conditions that fall in this category, antibiotics are the usual "go to" medications with, unfortunately, some negative side effects like diarrhea, upset stomach, yeast infection and of course, the death of even healthy flora because antibiotics "wipe it all out."  So what are some possible safe alternative treatments to some of the more common urological ailments that men grapple with?


    (1) For an enlarged prostate NOT DUE to cancer - The typical complaint is urgent urination and typically Proscar and Cardura are prescribed.  Negative side efects include decreased libido, fatigue and low blood pressure.  Saw palmetto by itself or combined with Beta-sitosterol may be effective (talk to your doctor or a naturopathic specialist).  Also pygeum africanum, derived from an evergreen tree, may help to interfere with the formation of prostaglandins which typically accumulate in men with BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy.  Accupuncture is another possible option.

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    (2) Impotence is of course the big issue discussed on this site, and a huge problem for many men - Typically Viagra and Levitra are the go to drugs.  Alternative treatments that may help include Maca, a root vegetable shown to improve libido; Asian ginseng, an herb may improve erections; Gingko biloba, boosts circulation so it may improve erections; Niacin, a B vitamin can help blood vessels expand; vigorous exercise can boost circulation.  Just remember to first find out the possible cause of the erectile dysfunction, since it can be a sign of heart disease or even diabetes.  Then check with your doctor about the possible viability of one of these alternative treatments.

    (3) Chronic prostatitis - accompanied by swelling of the prostate, pelvic pain, pain on urination is typically treated with antibiotics.  Alternatively you can try fish oil capsules and quercetin, and anti-inflammatory.

    (4) Incontinence - It's important to find out the cause but if your doctor agrees it is safe, some alternative treatments include: Bachu, cleavers and cornsilk - herbs; Bromelain - an enzyme derived from papaya; Pumpkin seed oil extract - often helps if the incontinence is due to BPH.


    Again, I always caution patients to take this information to their doctor to get his input.  Never self-diagnose or treat.


Published On: December 19, 2008