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tonu786, Community Member


ed and pe problem at 23 years of age


i am 23 years old boy.from last 2 3 years i am suffering from pe and ed.i am not getting that much hard erection which is required to penetrate also while i am doing masturbation in home that time also i am not getting full erection and also ejaculating very fast.

before 3 years i have done sex comfortably and there was... Read moreChevron

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RobertDemarest1, Community Member


A cause of ED

My problem started with a blown disc. But it wasn't the disc that created the problem. I was sent for an injection in my spine of a steroid based medicine. During the injection something happened although No one is talking. That night I had twice as much pain than when I'd started. The surgeon ignored my calls for three days until I finally... Read moreChevron

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medmd2009, Community Member



I have been using Cialis for two years and it worked great. But all of a sudden, it is not as effective. I still can get an erection, but it does not last long at all.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic?



posted 03/13/2015, comments (0)|, Community Member


Suffering Chronic Prostatitis

I've been suffering chronic prostatitis for more than 7months now. During the last 7 months I have taken different treatments as below.


Afdura + cipro 250mg ( 5months)

Veltam F + Septram ( 2months)


Through this treatment I've seen some improvements, however, chronic condition was never... Read moreChevron

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IMZILCH, Community Member


Penis Injection

Beginning in my forties I experienced a failure to maintain an erection suitable for intercourse. My efforts in looking for help resulted in a response to an article about an injection of a medication directly into the penis. This doctor in Seattle referred me to a Urologist in Santa monica.


I resided in... Read moreChevron

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