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Jerry Kennard

Jerry Kennard, Health Pro

Chartered Psychologist

How to discuss erectile dysfunction with your doctor - and what to expect when you do

Most men loathe having to see the doctor, even more so if it involves sexual functioning. However, you know your sex life is suffering, and of more importance is the fact that erectile dysfunction (ED) can indicate medical problems. Only your doctor has the skills and resources at their disposal to make a proper diagnosis and to treat you... Read moreChevron

Dr. Justin Harmon

Dr. Justin Harmon, Health Pro

ED Expert

Prostate Cancer, Robotic Prostate Surgery & Erectile Dysfunction Rehabilitation

After robotic prostate surgery that is performed for cancer, the patient will have a foley catheter (a small drain that is placed in the penis to allow the newly sewn connection between the bladder and the tube a male urinates through (the urethra) to heal. The urethra is disrupted by removing the prostate, and the two ends must be sewn back... Read moreChevron


healthgal, Health Pro


IMPACT Your Prostate Cancer

Moderate to advanced prostate cancer will nearly always require surgery as part of the treatment plan.  Though nerve sparing surgery is the goal, more often than not, erectile dysfunction will still be a temporary, if not permanent outcome, of most surgical interventions.  So the key is to... Read moreChevron

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David Knowles, M.D.

David Knowles, M.D., Health Pro


Erectile Dysfunction and Your Partner

I would like to discuss the importance of partners and the relationships in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and how they play an important role in the treatment of ED.

Today many relationships suffer greatly due to the loss of physical... Read moreChevron