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  • RadB August 26, 2010
    August 26, 2010

    From my experience the more Bimix will NOT get any harder only last slighty longer that is not good for the blood vessels and therefore can do more harm than good in the longer term.

    I was prescribed to start with 3 ml of Bimix and go up or down depending on the results however I was advised not to take more than 3 ml.

    I initially took 2 ml and got a great reaction, I experimented to 1 ml and got the same results of 1 hour 30 minutes. I now take 0.5 ml and get the same results of approx 1 hour with a full erection.

    With Bimix, it is as close to "normal" with fantastic sensitivity and hardness and stays up for over 1 hour with no side effects or pain.

    I have also tried Caverjet 15ml, 10ml, 5ml and they have all nearly killed me with the pain as I have to then take sudafed, showers, and walks to bring it down. With Caverject it is rock hard, bloody painful and not pleasurable.

    Different strokes for different folkes though.

    For me, it is pleasure not just trying to prove that I can get an erection.

    The price of Bimix was approx A$150 (Aussie $) for 10 ml that far outweighs Caverjet at A$125 for 6 hits.

    For the record I had a Radical Prostatectomy in April 2010 and on Bimix for 6 weeks.......Signed RadB

    • barney
      December 21, 2010
      December 21, 2010


      Is Bimix available in Australia or were you just using Aussie dollars ?


      I can get the impulse syringes @ 6 for $95 and cheaper at some online pharmacies but then have to pay delivery on top.


      I am lucky and can normally get 2 uses out of one impulse syringe but would like to try the bimix or trimix and possibly muse but didn't think they were available in Oz.



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  • gold medilion October 08, 2013
    gold medilion
    October 08, 2013

    How much bimix should I start with?

    Tried trimix too much burning for 2 1/2 hours after wards Doc switch me to bimix.

    took .27 of trimix. just looking for enjoyment with wife not marathon.

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