• irishgirl irishgirl
    August 15, 2008
    Anyone had problems with Cialis or Viagra not working anymore?
    irishgirl irishgirl
    August 15, 2008



    I am brand new here so I will fill in some background. I am 38 and my husband is 44. We have only been together 3 years despite knowing each other a long time, and the reason is that my husband has always suffered from ED and has never ejaculated in his life. For this reason he decided he did not want a serious relationship as he felt he could not have children and this would not be fair on any prospective partner. When we got together he told me everything and asked me to think about it, and I told him I knew I wanted to be with him so we would deal with any issues together. He then went to his doctor and started the process of trying to find out what the problem was and if anything could be done. He had a couple of exploratory procedures and we were thrilled when they confirmed that he does produce sperm though he cannot ejaculate.


    They found no underlying condition, he went to a psychologist who referred us back to the doctors as he said there was no psychological cause, and after about two years of investigations a very highly qualified urologist said he could not find any reason for his problem, there are cases of unspecified ED and this just seems to be one of them. At this stage, once we found out he had sperm we set about trying to conceive through IVF and so the original problem has been sidelined while we try to get pregnant.


    When he originally went to his doctor he prescribed Cialis, and for a long time this was quite successful in that at least he could get an erection and maintain it for long enough for us to have sex. After never having sex before in his life this was fantastic and over time became very satisfying for me also. However, in the last few months or so the Cialis has been less and less effective, and now it doesn't seem to work anymore at all. He took two the other day to see if that helped, but still nothing. He is extremely down about this as he feels we are right back where we started. In addition we have had two unsuccessful IVF attempts which have obviously added to our stress levels.


    What I was wondering was, does anyone know if its possible for his body to become "immune" to a particular drug? Would an alternative drug help? He is going back to his doctor soon but I wanted to ask here if anyone has had this experience.


    Sorry for the long post and thanks for listening





  • Richard G. Wirtz, Psy.D.
    Health Pro
    August 17, 2008
    Richard G. Wirtz, Psy.D.
    Health Pro
    August 17, 2008

    Irishgirl- Thanks for the thorough history. It's very helpful to get all of that detail. However, since there are still some unaddressed issues let me just throw a few ideas out there. First of all, Mimi had some good ideas and made an important distinction between two different ED drugs. All the ED medications come in different dosages and therefore it's possible that a higher dose could be used safely and might give your husband the response that he is looking for. Please have him consult his physician about that. If your husband had some initial success with Cialis it makes me wonder if he has had any changes in his general health, started any new medications, changed his alcohol consumption habits, or is taking it in a different fashion than he did then. All of those need to be explored. It is also possible that there is now a psychological component to this due to all the frustration and focus that wasn't there originally. He can probably tell you about that himself. Finally, there are some other medical treatment and mechanical options for the ED but that doesn't address the ejaculation issue. The potential risks and benefits of these can be spelled out by his doctor.

    Hope this helps!


    Rick Wirtz


  • BurstFile December 08, 2009
    December 08, 2009

    Hi. A lot of people have reported Cilais not working for them  after differnet durations of use. Its time to shift to a different ED medication. But you should consult your doctor. Please do not play with your health. Consult your doctor and ask for a generic medication.


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  • howard66655 March 22, 2010
    March 22, 2010

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  • afriend January 19, 2013
    January 19, 2013

    I'm 55 and I used Viagra for a few months then it's effectiveness diminished, my Eurologist then prescribed Levitra, the success of getting an errection was short lived. Only a few weeks, Then my eurologist prescribed Cialis. That worked for a couple months and then effectiveness dimineshed. The dosage was increased but then lost it's effectiveness.

     The doctor checked my blood flow and said it was even better than he had expected. So that's not the problem nor other typical health problem like diabetes, liver discease, drugs, testerone levels are normal. 


    The doctor prescribed a injection called Trimix, a combination of 3 drugs combined. It gave me the erection of a 16 year old, very stifff and fully erect. Only problem that it was taking a long time to orgasm. Even too long for my wife's enjoyment. The erection lasted an hour from time of injection  through orgasm and then for a while after. 1 hour total. The doctor then prescribed a bi mix injection instead of trimix. It's very effective, you adjust the dosage until it works but not too well if you what I mean like very hard erection that lasts too long.

     Aside from the slight pain of an injection, It's been working great for over 5 years. The erection lasts about 45 minuites to an hour then reduces to a large flacid state for another hour, then to normal flacid. The only thing to worry about is the posibility of hard spots, scaring near the injection site, so alternate injection sites on the left and right sides of the penis.

    Don't use excessively, and never twice within 24 hours. Avoid injecting into a surface vein and fully insert the needle, it's relatively small. NEVER just stick it in partially. You might inject it too shallow and the fluid will be injected and pool under the skin layers. No erection will occur but a little while later the penis will smell like a ballon. If that occurs put an ice pack on it taking it on and off the swelling will go down a lot in an hour but take 48 hours to return to normal.


    Bottom line is  it works great, it's a little bit of pain to inject. But the little bit of pain is worth the hour of time in heaven. Use it carefully and never excessively. I use it about once a week. Ask your Uerologist for advise. By the way occasionally I do wake up with an erection, it's not high quality but my doctor said it shows the problem is not with blood flow, and just maybe I'm hust worried about not being able to perform. My responce was "you don't have to worry about impressing anyone when you're masturbating by yourself"


    Sorry for the long responce but I wanted to be as complete as posible. Just as you should be with your Eurologist. If he doesn't have the time to listen then go see a doctor that will listen so he can make the proper diagnosis and prescription.


    Don't be afraid to talk openly and frankly to your doctor. He can't help if he doesn't know everything that's going on.


    PS: I never thought I'd see the day I would have to pay someone to look and touch my penis but it was worth every dime.










  • mimi August 16, 2008
    August 16, 2008
    Aren't Cialis and Viagra two different drugs?   He could try the Viagra next?   Maybe watching porno can help?  Maybe a cock ring?    Maybe he could try detoxyfind his body with herbs then try the Cialis again?     READ MORE
  • Retired teacher July 16, 2010
    Retired teacher
    July 16, 2010

    Thanks for your post.  I am 70 and my wife of 45 years is 67.  I, too had ED and found a "natural" that worked.  Later it was found to have tadalafil in it and it was yanked!  I was given Viagara, Levitra and Cialis samples when prescribed and went with the Cialis because of the 36-hr duration.  Now it is not "working" like it had before.  Strangely, I had an ejaculation before the orgasm a couple times, then the orgasm before the ejaculation a couple times!  Now it's just not working. 

    Question, does your husband have nocturnal emissions?  All that accumulation has to get out somehow.  Another strange thing happened once, and I read that it has happened to others.  I was in my shorts and standing, just dropping some dirty clothes into the hamper when I had a non-romantic, non-orgasmic ejaculation consisting of a HUGE amount.  It just came out.  This was when all things sexual were going along normally.   I was not aware there could even be that much.  When I was using condoms, the ususal amount was maybe an ounce.  I estimate this was about half a cup.           

  • kunleobaf June 30, 2014
    June 30, 2014

    i suffer from ed myself and i have found in my experience that when these drugs stop working, what you have to do is stop using them for a period and then come back to it and it will likely begin to work again.


    I think the body jus develops some resistance after continuous use.


    Gooduck and I hope this helps.

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