• David November 10, 2008
    November 10, 2008

    the most common device used in transgender patients is the ams ambicor. Usually the surgeon (urologist) disables one side of the prosthesis and inserts only one cylinder. The problem with this is that a phaloplasty (constructed penis) is big in nature and so it is very hard to conceil what looks like a permanent erection. The penis cannot be worn down the way when the prosthetic is implanted and so can look unsightly and be a source of embarressment to many patients. It can also pose possible risks if the patient is particularly active in day to day life as the pump mechanism jutts 1 inch into the base of the penis. falling on the stomach or getting hit between the legs can result in perferation of the pelvic organs or damage and even exposure through the skin of the penis. 

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