• yankhour10 November 19, 2008
    November 19, 2008

    in my expierience as a woman the mans head can do remarkble things its wierd my opinion is the mans head of the penis has a brain all itself  regardless if or how you have sex the man will allways ejaculate my  husband was feeling wierd on day and could not get an erection we positioned  the doggie style way to create a better snug  well helping him jirate was not helping so i basically stayed still and let him stroke in and out of me while i preformed the kegal excirsise on him kegal the process of contracting  the vagina walls together . minutes passed he was still soft but getting pleasure out of it the head finds its way to the cervix and then gets rubbed and grinded against it which allowed him to ejaculate  give yourself some time after the first  have your partner preform oral sensation on you not to completion but just enough to build the key to start the  engine good luck.

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