• magic2k magic2k
    December 13, 2008
    Can Gabapentin cause impotence in men?
    magic2k magic2k
    December 13, 2008

    My partner has been prescribed Gabapentin for back pain. Since moving to a higher dose, he has had trouble maintaining an erection.  The prescribing information for Gabapentin says that this is a possible side effect, but I'd like to know more about it so I can discuss it with my partner. 




  • Ragamuffin April 02, 2013
    April 02, 2013

    After reading some of the comments on this page, I'm inclined to believe that Gabapentin can also cause severe spelling loss...Tongue out

  • lolhugsandkisses March 30, 2013
    March 30, 2013



    My personal testimony is that the only change in my situation was the addition of Gabapentin escellated to 1200 mg/day over a month.  I was totally shocked and embaressed the worst in my life when I couldn't get and keep a strong erection upun penetration for the first time in my life!!!   :( 


    I immediately researched the drug and am four days into removing myself from it.


    P.S.  I had started having mild vision problems as well and didn't correlate them... but they are starting to dissappear as well!  :)



  • MrsLariviere February 07, 2011
    February 07, 2011

    My husband just started taking this medication and our information did not mention erectile problems at all. My husband is still able to get an erection but it is not a full erection and goes limp quickly and he has a very hard time achieving orgasim. He was perscribed this for back pain as well.

  • MJA
    February 06, 2014
    February 06, 2014

    I'm submitting an answer to add some more body to the statement that Gabapentin causes erectile problems.


    I've been taking 2400mg of Gabapentin daily for 2 years and will probably continue to do so for the rest of my life.  I take it to reduce the effects of Nystagmus (google if you're curious!).  It works wonderfully and has changed my life for the better.... mostly.


    I am able to hold an erection but it can be difficult and never very hard.  Certainly hard enough for good sex but not as hard as I'd like.  Generally it takes a lot of effort to climax and can get a bit, errrmm, rough? Undecided.  I dunno, but it's can be very frustrating for me.  Gladly it doesn't worry my wife.


    Sensation is greatly reduced by the medication which is why it's tough to climax.  In my experience the side effects only last as long as the benefit of the meds.  I take it 3 times daily and it works for about 5hrs.  I definitely get more enjoyment from sex first thing in the morning as it's 10hrs since my last dose.  If I want better sex I miss a dose then take it after - which is easier with my condition than it would be for others - however, trying to predict when my wife will be up for it is probably the biggest issue lol.


    Unfortunately there is no alternative medication for my condition, in fact this isn't even signed off as an official treatment as it's still under long term trials.


    I'm gonna speak to my GP about trying viagra (pretty embarrassing for a 32yr old) but having read a comment above I'm not confident that it's gonna help.


    Anyway, keep at it guys.  Get heavy handed if you have too, or if you can delay a dose that might help.  I find that thinking and worrying about it makes things worse, so try to clear your minds and go with the flow Laughing<!--[endif]-->


  • JustMe427 September 22, 2012
    September 22, 2012

    Indeed.  Neurontin (Gabapentin) DEFINITELY causes erectile dysfunction.  I am taking it for nerve pain from cervical spinal stenosis.  It makes gaining/maintaining erection impossible.  Even with Cialis or Viagra, achieving orgasm is also (nearly) impossible.  I am angry that this Blaring Side Effect has been down-played so much.  I can't wait to have my surgery to free my spinal cord and be rid of the nerve pain.  The pain is so bad, I "have to" keep taking it for now.  Unfortunately, it's already to late to save my relationship.  My girlfriend believed all the crap on the internet that said it was minor or uncommon & concluded that it was "her" or that I must be cheating, (or both).  She is a little flaky but, I really loved her & miss her alot.  Not so much looking forward to going thru surgery alone either.

    • deecl
      March 17, 2015
      March 17, 2015
      My husband has been taking this for almost 5 years. And no matter how many times he tells me that its now me its still me. Because women are trained to believe that if he doesn't want it then it must but me or he wants somebody else. I am ready to leave my husband over this because I know its the med and have the whole time. But he doesn't. So he wont stop taking it. And no he doesn't take it for pain. READ MORE
  • sylver_phish April 29, 2011
    April 29, 2011

    Gabapentin could be the cause of his problem, but is he on any narcotic pain relievers (like vicodin[hydrocodone], codeine, percocet, norco, etc)?

    If so, the narcotic is probably the culprit, because narcotics (opiates/opiods) have a really strong tendency to make it difficult to achieve and maintain erections. Gabapentin on the other hand can cause erectile difficulties too, but it's less common especially in lower doses.

    • gd8310
      August 25, 2012
      August 25, 2012

      I just started taking Gabapentin and am having problems getting and maintaining and erection. I have been reading a lot about this and have noticed it to be a common problem among men. I do not take narcotics for my back pain, and did not have trouble before I started the therapy. I am on a low dose, and am having other side effects as well. To say its less common may be false, unless most of the test subjects are female.

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