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How Do I Get Rid Of Leg Dimples?

Posting Date: 05/21/2001

Q: My legs have cellulite. Are you saying there's no way to get rid of it?

A: Have you noticed that some very fat women do not have cellulite? It's possible for a woman's legs to be very large and jiggle when she walks, and for their skin to be smooth and unwrinkled. Obviously, the wrinkled, puckered look of cellulite is not a measure of the quantity of fat in your leg. In fact, we sometimes see very thin women who seem to have a low amount of total body fat but lots of cellulite. The conclusion: cellulite is nothing but wrinkly skin and, like stretch marks and scars, shows more on some women than on others.

If you have cellulite, think not of losing fat but rather of tightening skin. In the same way that you pull up sagging pantyhose you can also pull up the tops of your thighs and suddenly the cellulite is gone. You can tighten skin by:

  1. Undergoing surgery
  2. Increasing muscle bulk under the skin
  3. Purchasing Bailey?s Instant Cellulite remover... a secret concoction (that?s a joke!)

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