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What Does One Pound Of Fat Look Like?

Posting Date: 11/01/2000

Q: I find it really helpful to have some kind of visual to motivate me. I know that if I exercise regularly and eat well, I can lose about one pound per week. What does one pound of fat look like?

A: Go to your refrigerator and pull out one box of butter. Oh, I?m sorry ?- of course you don?t have butter in the house. Okay -? go to the grocery store and look at one package of butter. The kind with four sticks to a box. This is one pound. Each stick is four ounces of fat.

Here is another way to figure the fat. Two cups of fat is one pound.

How is that for a visual? Are you surprised that one pound takes up so much volume? Each time you lose a pound of fat -- that is a box of butter! Find something that is about the same size as this box of butter and each time you lose a pound you can add another box to the pile. When you are feeling a lack of motivation all you have to do is look at that pile of fat lost and you?ll be inspired in no time!

Just remember ?- "weight" loss does not equal "fat" loss. In order to really know what you are losing, you need to know your percent body fat. Take this test to find your percent body fat. As you progress with your fitness plan you will be confident that you are losing fat instead of water or muscle.

Good luck with your plan. Get plenty of exercise and cut out the grease!