Hormones and the herpes connection

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  • Woke up so depressed today. Have been battling breakouts for past 2 months. Was searching all pver internet for some type of connection between hormones and out breaks & can find nothing. I accidentally stumbled across this website and saw all the postings from women abviously having same problem as me. Not that it will fix my problem but you have no idea how much better I feel knowing I am not insane. I have known for 20 years there was a connection. I had my first outbreak when I was in late 20's - just turned 50. Every month with the onset of PMS I had breakouts. As years went by I could sometimes go a few months with none. 2 years ago at age 48 mu periods stopped completely. Out breaks were several months apart. 3 months ago I started using an all natural hormone cream to combat the furnace inside me. Almost instantly the flashes were gone, I was in a great mood, was wanting to go out and do things and getting back to my old self. Sounds wonderful doesn't? In less than a month from starting the cream I had a breakout and it has been non-stop since. So bad that I know get spots on my chin. Have never had a cold sore but the bumps on my chin area are not acne. Tiny blisters that turn into ugly messes. I am so upset that I stopped the hormone cream and am hoping the outbreaks deminish. After a lot of searching I have read many articles where amino acids - maninly L-Tyrosine can be very beneficial to cutting back on outbreaks. I am going today to find me a good overall amino supplement as they have many benefits. I hope it helps. I am thankful I found this site. I really was beginning to think I was a freak of nature.

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Published On: February 26, 2012